Chapter 694 - Death Note

Chapter 694 - Death Note

Nie Yan coldly smirked. “For a bunch of cowards who have no real fighting ability to speak of, you’re pretty mouthy online, huh.” Asskickers United was fairly quiet on the forums. Nie Yan was the type of person who spoke with his actions not words, and that trait was unwittingly passed on. Few guild members got into flame wars with others on the forums.

Nie Yan decided to post up his own response on the forums.

Divine Protectors Death Note - Nirvana Flame

On the list were the names of Divine Flame, Crazy Magic, Bloodlust Mad Blade, Heaven Breaker, and several other notable characters in Divine Protectors.

Many players were confused after clicking on Nie Yan’s post. They didn’t understand the meaning behind this list. Divine Flame, Crazy Magic, and the others were still well and alive in the Karukes Stronghold, directing their forces to surround and kill Nie Yan’s group.

Even if the post was confusing, because Nie Yan was the poster, many people upvoted it anyway, bumping it up to the top of the front...

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