Chapter 693 - Enemies on All Sides

Chapter 693 - Enemies on All Sides

Asskickers United’s ambush caught Divine Protectors completely offguard. In a flash, they slaughtered in the excess of 3,000 enemy players!

All the merchants and ordinary players in Karukes packed up their stuff and hurriedly teleported away with Return Scrolls. This bustling stronghold was evacuated in less than 15 minutes, leaving behind only the people from Divine Protectors.

Lustboy, Tang Yao, and Xie Yao undoubtedly became the nightmare of this stronghold. The frightening destructive might of their spells annihilated all the Divine Protectors players swarming toward them on the streets.

The attack range of these three Magisters were close to 100 meters. Ordinary players had no way of getting anywhere near them. Even if they did manage to close in on the trio, Magisters buffed with Windwalker were incredibly difficult to catch.

A group of Thieves circled in on Xie Yao. They came within 10 meters of her, when she waved her staff and chanted out an incantation...

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