Chapter 691 - Enemy Attack

Chapter 691 - Enemy Attack

Lustboy, Young Seven, and the others only recently class advanced. So, they weren’t too familiar with their new and upgraded skills yet. By practicing against each other in friendly combat, they quickly grasped these skills and gained a better understanding of their might. However, they didn’t dare to cast Forbidden Magic here; partly because the cooldown was too long, so they couldn’t be used rashly; and partly because their destructive power was too great.

Nie Yan didn’t participate in any matches; no one dared to fight him. The final results were in. Black Hell had the highest win rate, winning 7 out of 10 matches. The rest were around 50-50, with some winning only four times. The difference in skill between them was pretty much negligible. So, many times the outcome was determined by class advantages and skills. Warriors had a 70% chance of beating Thieves, Mages had an 80% chance of beating Warriors, and Thieves had a 70% chance of beating Mages.

As for the Priests, Black Hell was an outlier. He was a Dark Archbishop who specialized...

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