Chapter 690 - Battle of the Strongest!

Chapter 690 - Battle of the Strongest!

Uhtred, this was a large mountain located to the east of Calore. It was surrounded by vast plains, forests, rivers, and grasslands. The monsters that roamed this map were Level 20–30. After arriving here, Bladelight and the others couldn’t help but be reminded of the time they spent grinding here in the early days.

Bladelight had holed himself here for at least two to three days. At that time, he was still slowly familiarizing himself with the game. Levelling was an incredible slog.

Nie Yan had pretty much power-levelled himself straight past Level 30. So, he hadn’t come here to level in this life. However, he still had his experiences from the previous timeline. Seeing all these familiar sights, a sense of nostalgia struck him.

Looking down from atop their flying mounts, they noticed there were fairly few players around. They decided to descend. This mountain would be their battleground.

Some of them paired up and found their own respective areas to PvP, while others stood off in the sidelines and simply observed. Nie Yan was...

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