Chapter 689 - 12 Master Class Players!

Chapter 689 - 12 Master Class Players!

The battle between Karsi and Vorderman lasted longer than anyone anticipated, shifting from the Holy Mountain to Fire Canyon in the east of the Viridian Empire. Vorderman showed signs of faltering, retreating as he fought. The pursuit extended more than 1,000 kilometres.

Asskickers United lost track of them at one point. When they finally caught up to the two, they had already covered the entire span of the Viridian Empire.

More than 10 days passed. During this time, Nie Yan led Asskickers United all over to clear the skeletons. As the days went on, the number of skeletons they killed exceeded 1,600,000. This was a heavy blow to Qin Han’s skeleton army.

Qin Han was on the verge of tearing his hair out in anger. Every time he tried to surround Nie Yan’s group, they would use various methods to teleport away. Then they would start all over again somewhere 10 kilometres away.

The skeleton army’s growth had come to a screeching halt. They fervently sought for NPC settlements to replenish their numbers, and also caught some players off-guard...

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