Chapter 688 - Glimpse of Light

Chapter 688 - Glimpse of Light

Nie Yan’s movements were as fast as lightning.

Qin Han only noticed Nie Yan when he was already right next to him. By the time he reacted, it was too late. He simply couldn’t keep up with Nie Yan’s speed.

Just before Zennarde’s Sword made contact with Qin Han’s body, a barrier of pure darkness emerged. It blocked the attack and pushed Nie Yan back.

Necromancer Vorderman had placed a trigger-type protective barrier spell on Qin Han’s body. It had saved his life.

Nie Yan knitted his brows. The appearance of this barrier threw his plans out of whack. If his attack had landed, Qin Han would already be dead right now! Since the situation had taken such a turn, he could only switch tactics.

Having just survived a narrow brush with death, Qin Han was overjoyed. He quickly retreated and raised his staff in preparation to cast an offensive spell. In his mind, Vorderman’s barrier wasn’t something Nie Yan could cut through. In fact, he doubted Nie Yan could leave so much...

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