Chapter 687 - Ambush

Chapter 687 - Ambush

Nie Yan glanced down at his skill bar. Several skills had already come off cooldown. He activated Gale Step and vanished into stealth.

Seeing Nie Yan disappear from sight, Qin Han’s heart tightened. After butting heads for so long, he knew Nie Yan wouldn’t leave so easily!

Nie Yan’s target was certainly him!

In the blink of an eye, the hunter became the hunted. This sudden reversal of roles put a huge damper on Qin Han’s mood.

Qin Han spotted Nie Yan’s silhouette dashing over from the bone dragon, rapidly closing in on him. This frightening speed caused his heart to tremble.

When Nirvana Flame was after someone’s head, no one could stop him!

Sensing death’s approach, Qin Han’s nerves were stretched taut. He stumbled back into a hurried retreat. With a wave of his staff, a bone wall erupted from the ground to block Nie Yan.

At this moment, Necromancer Vorderman had recovered a bit of his strength. He waved his staff. Black flames rained down from the sky. A raging inferno...

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