Chapter 686 - Shoe on the Other Foot

Chapter 686 - Shoe on the Other Foot

Seeing the bone dragon’s claws coming down on him, Nie Yan rolled out of the way. BOOM! Two large holes were dug out of the ground like tofu in the place he originally stood.

Nie Yan would’ve been killed in one hit if he hadn’t dodged so quickly!

Extreme Speed!

Before the bone dragon could launch a second attack, Nie Yan fled for his dear life.

The bone dragon took to the air again. Like a bolt of lightning, after locking onto Nie Yan, it swooped down on him for a second time.

Shadow Waltz!

Nie Yan hurriedly evaded. He was already running at his maximum speed. This bone dragon’s attacks were too frightening. He had no choice but to use everything available to him.

KRAASSH! The bone dragon’s claws dug into a large boulder. BOOM! The boulder shattered into pieces, with debris flying everywhere. Several struck Nie Yan.


After finally managing to go back into stealth, it was instantly dispelled.

The bone dragon didn’t stop there. It flapped its wings...

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