Chapter 685 - Fishing Up Easy Benefits

Chapter 685 - Fishing Up Easy Benefits

As the swarm of spirits were about to engulf them, the three Priests waved their staffs and chanted out an incantation. Their bodies ignited with fierce holy flames.

When the spirits came in contact with the flames, they wailed out in pain as they were burned out of existence.

The old priest’s robes fluttered back and forth. With his entire body enshrouded by holy flames, he looked like a deity in the flesh.

“Vanquish all darkness, by the will of the God of Light…” The old priest chanted out an incantation. A pillar of light descended down on Necromancer Vorderman.

Sure enough, these three priests wouldn’t allow themselves to be killed so easily.

The elderly priest appeared to be holding something. Nie Yan focused his gaze. His heart trembled. In the hands of the priest was a chapter from the Book of Order!

The chapter emitted a dazzling light. This was a formidable holy power!

For NPCs the chapters from the Book of Order were exceptional off-hand equipment!

Nie Yan felt a warm feeling on his chest. The Great Prophet Medal emitted a faint glow, informing him there were nine chapters from the Book of Order in the vicinity. He gasped in astonishment, nearly losing his grip and falling off the ceiling.

The old priest had two...

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