Chapter 684 - Legendary Priests

Chapter 684 - Legendary Priests

Nie Yan arrived at the base of the Holy Mountain. He headed toward the coordinates his subordinates reported. The bone dragon was spotted flying southwest.

The Thieves from Asskickers United were tailing Qin Han and Necromancer Vorderman. Several of them were killed by the latter after entering within 500 meters of the two. So, they no longer dared to approach too close, maintaining a distance of at least 1,000 meters.

Like this, it was impossible to get a good read on Qin Han’s exact location. They could only report the general direction he was heading.

As Nie Yan made his way forward, he bumped into several Thieves from Asskickers United.

“Boss!” the Thieves greeted excitedly.

“Where did that Necromancer go?” Nie Yan gazed into the distance. The forest up ahead was shrouded by a dense fog. It would be difficult to find a path forward.

“We lost track of those two around here, but that bone dragon is over there!” One of the Thieves pointed at the...

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