Chapter 683 - Plundering Chapters of Order

Chapter 683 - Plundering Chapters of Order

“It’s complicated. Just add them into the guild. They’ll be reporting directly to me,” Nie Yan said. He gave Guo Huai a brief explanation. He had no way of clarifying the situation. After picking up the clues, Guo Huai immediately understood Nie Yan was in some sort of special circumstance that didn’t allow him to talk freely.

Nie Yan’s status as a member of Heavenly Kings was a secret. He wasn’t allowed to tell anyone.

Guo Huai registered Wang Duo and the others to the guild. After exchanging a few words with Nie Yan, he took his leave; he was a busy man. Nie Yan could handle the rest.

Like this, Wang Duo and the others could be considered real members of Asskickers United. Nie Yan had some of the guild’s top elites spar with them. After which he confirmed six of them could attempt their class advancement quest straight away. As for the rest, they weren’t up to snuff yet.

Nie Yan outfitted Wang Duo, Lin Yi, and four others with the best equipment from the guild treasury. On top of...

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