Chapter 681 - Bayonet’s Name

Chapter 681 - Bayonet’s Name

These soldiers were all elites under Mo Yuntian. They were aces of the army. Them calling Nie Yan instructor was proof they recognized his strength.

Born the son of an army man, Nie Yan had inherited some of his father’s thinking. He also believed strength reigned supreme and subconsciously devoted himself to training his body. However, having only faced students, he had no clear view on the extent of his progress. There was a clear difference between them and real fighters. But this match with Wang Duo today gave him new confidence. He wasn’t any weaker than the elites of the army!

Nie Yan became all the more aware of the changes that occurred to his body after advancing to a Shadow Dancer. Just what sort of secrets did this title hold?

Knowing he wouldn’t find the answer right now, Nie Yan stopped thinking about it. He focused on his task at hand. He had to instruct the 36 soldiers in front of him.

Wang Duo retreated back into the ranks. He was thoroughly convinced of Nie Yan’s strength. When he gazed...

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