Chapter 680 - Military Instructor

Chapter 680 - Military Instructor

“Didn’t you already advance to a Sword Saint? You should examine yourself closer. You might make some astonishing discoveries,” Xiao Yu remarked.

Lei Su gazed at Xiao Yu with a look of doubt, then sank into deep thought. It would explain why Mo Yuntian confirmed with Nie Yan he was a Shadow Dancer before asking him to train these aces.

“Have you heard of the Shadow Dancer Mech Suit?” Xiao Yu asked.

“The latest dexterity-type mech suit? Isn’t that still in development? Only a concept model was shown. That kind of bleeding edge technology is off-limits, unless you’re an ace mech pilot in the army. It’s forever out of reach to plebeians like us. I haven’t even gotten near a current model mech suit, let alone touch one,” Lei Su gloomily said. Mech suits were usually found in military bases or warships in outer space. Ordinary people could only watch videos about them online.

“I heard there are other powerful models, such as Sword Saint, Archbishop, and Magister Mech Suits.” Xiao Yu mysteriously smiled, providing no further comment. He returned his attention...

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