Chapter 679 - Aces

Chapter 679 - Aces

All gazes were on Nie Yan. Everyone was waiting for his reply.

If Nie Yan agreed to Mo Yuntian’s request, he suddenly wouldn’t be a nobody anymore. They would have to reevaluate his position in Heavenly Kings.

Mo Yuntian wanted Nie Yan to train his troops. Could it be that Master Classes had some sort of relationship with real life training?

“I can do it to the best of my ability,” Nie Yan replied. There was no harm to him agreeing. Instead, having Mo Yuntian’s backing would be greatly beneficial to him.

“Good!” Mo Yuntian heartily laughed. “If you need any help with the training process, just say the word!”

Mo Yuntian turned to the several other youths in the room. “The Nie Family’s businesses, I want you all to watch over it. Consider it giving this old man some face.”

Ling Yu nodded with a smile. “If it’s General Yuntian asking, how could I dare refuse?”

The several others also hurriedly agreed.

Nie Yan felt blessed. He understood full well just how much of an impact the backing of these people would have on World Bloc.

“Thank you, General Yuntian,”...

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