Chapter 678 - Mo Yuntian’s Request

Chapter 678 - Mo Yuntian’s Request

Nie Yan pushed the door open. The conference room wasn’t that large. There was a long, rectangular table at the center with a dozen people seated around it. The lighting was dim, but he could still make out everyone’s faces. His gaze landed on Lei Su. He had watched videos of Lei Su’s bouts in international competitions before. So, he recognized him immediately. As for the others, he didn’t know any of them.

Nie Yan gazed over at the front of the room. Sitting at the head of the table was a middle-aged man with a dignified expression. He wore an ashen coloured blazer.

Nie Yan could feel a domineering pressure coming from him, one that came from having stood in a high position for a long time. He had an austere air about him. A trace of doubt flashed in Nie Yan’s mind. Could he be part of the military?

After spending so much time with his father, Nie Yan was quite familiar with the disposition of a soldier. His judgement was most likely correct.

The middle-aged man seemed to hold...

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