Chapter 677 - General?

Chapter 677 - General?

Lei Su’s appearance averted a potential disaster. The players from Asskickers United managed to repel the skeletons once more.

Nie Yan looked over the current statistics of the battle. So far, Asskickers United had lost 60 players. Once the casualties exceeded 100, he would probably call for a full retreat. Losing the Shoro Stronghold wasn’t too terrible of a loss. After all, his main goal was to shave away at the strength of Qin Han’s skeleton army. Once the walls fell, there was no need to fight until the bitter end.

Nie Yan’s basic strategy was to cull the enemy’s numbers while minimizing casualties on his side as much as possible. He would make Qin Han pay a heavy price for every stronghold taken. Until finally the skeleton army was weakened enough, at which time he would deal the fatal blow.

As the holder of the Great Prophet title, Nie Yan could mobilize the troops stationed in any of the cities in the Viridian Empire. However, it would be foolish to think that the 8,000 NPC soldiers stationed in Calore could defeat a skeleton army 8,000,000 strong. So,...

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