Chapter 676 - Invincible Lei Su

Chapter 676 - Invincible Lei Su

Asskickers United had already warned players not to engage with the skeletons under any circumstances. Now whenever players encountered one, they would immediately flee. Like this, the growth of the skeleton army slowed down significantly. They could only rely on massacring NPC towns and villages to expand.

This caused Qin Han to feel a sense of crisis. If he could only rely on slaughtering NPC settlements to expand, the growth of his skeleton army would have no way of keeping up with the rate they were dying at. If it continued on like this, they would eventually collapse!

Qin Han thought of another extreme method and put it into work. He announced that anyone who voluntarily became a skeleton would be compensated five gold a month. There were plenty penniless, low-level players in Conviction, many of whom flocked to him.

After learning Qin Han was resorting to this method to recruit skeletons, Nie Yan chuckled to himself. Qin Han was at the end of his rope. His...

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