Chapter 675 - Archon Flame Apocalypse

Chapter 675 - Archon Flame Apocalypse

Nie Yan stuck to one hard-and-fast rule, and that was to never have a direct clash. He would shave away at the enemy’s numbers as much as possible. However, as soon as the skeleton army breached their defenses, he would order an immediate retreat.

Since it was like this, the players from Asskickers United relaxed substantially. Seeing the skeletons marching over step by step, they really did appear awfully slow. Faced with this kind of enemy, as long as they weren’t surrounded, they could easily get away.

The horde of skeletons had already arrived within 300 meters of the Shoro Stronghold.

“Catapults, open fire!” Nie Yan ordered. The 70 catapults that had long since been readied immediately launched their payloads into the air.

Countless shells arced through the sky and fell toward the skeleton army.

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Frost explosions rang out through the battlefield, encasing countless skeletons in ice.

Afterwards, the Armoured Ice Catapults were swiftly reloaded in preparation for a second barrage.

Close to half of the skeletons within 500 meters...

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