Chapter 673 - Joining Heavenly Kings

Chapter 673 - Joining Heavenly Kings

Feeling the searing heat assaulting his face, Lei Su attempted to block with the aura from Bulwark of the War God. However, he couldn’t use it again so soon after blocking an attack. As for his other defensive skills, there was no time. 

Nie Yan’s attack came at the most opportune time. Lei Su’s reaction was a beat too late. He simply had no time to block the Cut Throat. The sharp blade of Zennarde’s Sword came down on his throat, ruthlessly slicing open a large wound. 


Lei Su lost all his remaining health.

THUD! Lei Su collapsed to the ground.

“It’s over.” Nie Yan sheathed Zennarde’s Sword. He was quite pleased with his last Cut Throat.

The spectators didn’t find this outcome surprising at all. From the beginning of the match to the end, Lei Su was always on the backfoot. Nie Yan’s speed was simply too oppressive. However, they still deeply admired Lei Su. There were definitely no more than five players in the entire Viridian Empire who could push Nie Yan this far.


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