Chapter 672 - Cut Throat

Chapter 672 - Cut Throat

Nie Yan and Lei Su’s battle came to a deadlock. Lei Su was fairly skilled at PvP. It was no surprise he had maintained the number one spot on the Warrior rankings for so long in the previous timeline. He didn’t lose out in the slightest to Bladelight or Smoke Stub. In fact, he even surpassed them.

Conviction was filled with experts. Even if Nie Yan had knowledge from his past life, it wasn’t possible for him to recruit every single last one of them to his side. At least with Lei Su joining their ranks, Asskickers United would have another valiant general.

Seeing Lei Su taking a defensive posture and on full alert, Nie Yan caressed the blade of Zennarde’s Sword with his hand. He had zero intention of losing this match. He would no longer hold anything back. It was time to go all out!

Lei Su buffed himself with several skills that raised his Awareness. However, it still wasn’t enough to pinpoint Nie Yan. He kept himself calm, moving step by step to prevent his senses from dulling.

At this moment, a flame flashed before his...

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