Chapter 671 - Nirvana Flame vs. War God Lei Su

Chapter 671 - Nirvana Flame vs. War God Lei Su

After leaving the Elder Council, Nie Yan headed to the guild treasury. He withdrew a large amount of materials in preparation to craft Advanced Holy Illumination Scrolls.

Advanced Holy Illumination Scrolls were Master-grade items. At present, only a limited number of Scroll Crafters could produce them. They were used in dealing with the undead, capable of dealing fatal damage to them.

Nie Yan stored at least 30 portions of crafting materials in his bag. When he had some down time in the middle of levelling, he could craft the Holy Illumination Scrolls.

After stocking up on necessities and making some additional preparations, Nie Yan received a report from Guo Huai. They had found War God Lei Su. He had teleported moments ago to Calore and was now heading south in the direction of the Central Auction House.

Nie Yan thought for a moment. “It’s about time I meet up with him.” He started making his way towards the Central Auction House.

A Thief from Asskickers United was tailing Lei Su, constantly reporting...

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