Chapter 669 - Bow Down and Submit

Chapter 669 - Bow Down and Submit

Nie Yan took Xie Yao, Painted Muslin, Undying Scoundrel, and the others from Azure Windchime out for drinks. 

Meanwhile in the Top Military Academy, news of Nie Yan being Nirvana Flame spread like wildfire through the Top Military Academy until it basically became common knowledge, creating a huge uproar. Furthermore, the fact that Xie Yao was Asskickers United’s number one Holy Mage, Yao Yao, also became widely known. 

Nirvana Flame was undoubtedly a legendary figure in the eyes of Conviction’s players. The only ones who could rival him were Soaring Angel of Angel Corps and Plenty of Fallen Angel. They were all overlords of their own regions and unreachable existences to ordinary players.

Who would’ve expected such a famous player to appear in the Top Military Academy? Not to mention he was a fellow student and only a freshman at that. This revelation was simply too shocking.

No wonder War God Lei Su issued out a challenge to Nie Yan. From their perspective, given how godly Nirvana Flame was inside the game, he was probably pretty strong in real life as...

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