Chapter 668 - Swept Away

Chapter 668 - Swept Away

Song Chen coldly snorted. Who did Nie Yan think he was, War God Lei Su? Even Lei Su wasn’t so full of himself to think he could take on so many people at once!

Nie Yan was simply courting death!

“Teach this brat a lesson! Let him know his place!” Song Chen crossed his arms like he was about to watch a show play out.

With so many of them, even if all of them only struck Nie Yan once, he would still end up heavily injured if not dead.

“Hmm… Interesting. Do you want me to come over and help?” a voice rang out from a corner of the gymnasium.

Everyone stopped dead in their tracks. Song Chen looked over to the source of the voice and saw a man leisurely leaning against a window.

“Why are you here?” Nie Yan asked in surprise, his eyes landing on none other than Bayonet.

Bayonet was truly like a ghost, suddenly appearing out of nowhere. Even Nie Yan had no idea when he got here.

“Your old man no longer requires my services. So, he had me go back to you,” Bayonet said with a faint smile. Father Nie Yan had recruited many retired experts, making his job pretty cushy.

“How did this guy get in here?” Song Chen knitted his brows. Bayonet’s sudden appearance caused a feeling of danger to sprout in his heart.

“I don’t know.” The other fourth years shook their heads in bewilderment.

No one had noticed Bayonet’s arrival.

“It’s fine. I can handle them myself.” Nie Yan waved his hand.

Bayonet nodded. He had a good understanding...

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