Chapter 667 - Great Prophet!

Chapter 667 - Great Prophet!

Having expanded his skeleton army by half a million, Qin Han’s ambitions had probably equally swelled. It wouldn’t be long now before he started attacking more densely populated places like strongholds!

In the following few days, Qin Han’s skeleton army gradually made its way toward Calore, sweeping through any villages or towns they encountered along the way. Battle Crazed Alliance was the first to be targeted. 10 of their 13 strongholds fell to the skeleton army. They hunkered down in their remaining three strongholds, refusing to budge.

Nie Yan had ordered the 10 strongholds to be abandoned for the sake of preserving their strength and concentrating their defenses. Naturally, they hadn’t given up those strongholds to Qin Han without a fight. Taking advantage of their position as defenders, Battle Crazed Alliance wiped out a large number of skeletons from the safety of the walls. Once the walls were breached, they immediately retreated. Like this, they dealt heavy losses to the enemy and minimized the casualties on their side at the same time.

Qin Han’s skeleton army laid siege to Battle Crazed Alliance’s three remaining...

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