Chapter 665 - Disparity

Chapter 665 - Disparity

Most Magisters had excellent awareness over the situation on a battlefield. When no one was paying attention, they would start casting Forbidden Magic. Then, when people least expected it, they would obliterate the enemy with magic.

Tang Yao’s combat awareness was superb. He saw the Paladins protecting him as an opportunity to cast Decree of Dusk. This Forbidden Magic bought Nie Yan and Xie Yao a lot of valuable time.

The effects of Decree of Dusk started wearing off on the Variant Skeleton King. Its fingers started twitching, then its hands and both arms as it raised its war-axe. Just as it was about to completely break free, Nie Yan targeted it with Extreme Intimidate, immobilizing it again. He then struck out with a maelstrom of high damage Freedom Skills like Backbreaker, Reverse Grip Backstab, and Phantom Assassination. 


In a flash, the Variant Skeleton King only had 30% health remaining.

Xie Yao was also dealing in the range of 20,000–30,000 damage a hit. Though her burst damage wasn’t as frightening...

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