Chapter 663 - Junior Adjudicator of Light

Chapter 663 - Junior Adjudicator of Light

Any spell that required a Magister to chant two sets of syllables or more was incredibly powerful. However, it likely wasn’t Forbidden Magic. Large scale offensive Forbidden Magic required at least 30 sets of syllables. 

After Xie Yao chanted out the last syllable, a white portal opened up in the sky. Two angels with spotless, white wings flew out. A dazzling holy radiance poured down toward the earth, enveloping everything within a 50-meter radius. All the skeletons caught in the spell were instantly exorcised, vanishing without a trace. Meanwhile, the skeletons that were outside the range trembled in fear, not daring to move.

After a while, the two angels disappeared, and the portal closed up.

This was Nie Yan’s first time seeing such powerful Advanced Magic. Despite not being Forbidden Magic, some Advanced Magic could only be learned after advancing to a Magister. Few ordinary players would be able to cast it. In the previous timeline, Nie Yan hadn’t met many Magisters. The him of back then was a far cry from being qualified to...

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