Chapter 652 - Wild Soul

Chapter 652 - Wild Soul

Based on individual player strength, Battle Crazed Alliance was only second to Asskickers United in the entire alliance. They ranked much higher than Holy Empire, Sapphire Shrine, and the others. Even though they weren’t that large with only 80,000 members, they couldn’t be looked down on in battle.

Nie Yan thought back to how famous Battle Crazed Alliance was for their battle prowess in his past life. Kill Love was a decent guild leader. Back then, he didn’t lose because his guild was weak but rather he was faced with the might of a powerful financial group. But in this life, Nie Yan had brought them under his wing; with his protection, he would see to it that their downfall wouldn’t repeat itself.

Hilderlocke’s Glowfly Teahouse. Business here was pretty slow with only a few tables occupied by players.

Nie Yan entered the teahouse. He found a corner to sit down in and quietly sipped his tea. No one was any the wiser about his presence.

Not too far away from Nie Yan sat several other players. They chatted about all sorts of topics, including their levels, equipment, dungeons,...

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