Chapter 651 - Reinforced Cavalry Crossbow

Chapter 651 - Reinforced Cavalry Crossbow

Different from when it was still a crude work-in-progress, the fully remodeled Dullahan Cavalry Crossbow was far more elaborate and contained all sorts of complex mechanisms. The front end was curved inward in the shape of a crescent. The nocks also had an additional two steel cables attached compared to ordinary crossbows for increased firing power.

Though the fully remodeled Cavalry Crossbow was a bit bigger than before, its weight hadn’t increased at all. Its sleek form brimmed with ferocity.

At this moment, the Cavalry Crossbow looked like a powerful weapon of slaughter.

Nie Yan examined the crossbow’s properties.

Reinforced Dullahan Cavalry Crossbow (Legendary)

Requirements: 800 Strength

Properties: Attack 1,507–1,725,...

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