Chapter 646 - A Huge Stir

Chapter 646 - A Huge Stir

Nie Yan had long since anticipated Fu Guangtao would lower his head. Few people would be willing to stick it out until the very end in the face of absolute strength.

Fu Guangtao had two paths ahead of him. The first was to continue butting heads with Nie Yan. There was only one possible conclusion to this path; he would be PKed back to Level 0 until he ultimately deleted his Conviction account. This was something he couldn’t bear. Close to half-a-year’s worth of blood, sweat, and tears would go down the drain. The second path was to plead for Nie Yan’s forgiveness. But from then on, he could never raise his head in front of his fellow students again.

Even though Fu Guangtao was still internally quite conflicted, he still decided to lower his head to Nie Yan. This was his only option.

“Fu Guangtao, weren’t you always so arrogant? When did you become so meek?” Xu Yan sneered.

Xu Yan’s words cut like a sharp blade. Fu Guangtao clenched his fists. He was deeply reluctant, but he could only submit. He turned back to Nie Yan, who still hadn’t given a response.

Xia Tianyu and...

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