Chapter 641 - Encounter In the Skies

Chapter 641 - Encounter In the Skies

In a deep basin surrounded by mountain ranges, located between the borders of the two empires, was a vast stretch of woodland about one fifth the size of the Viridian Empire. It was shrouded in a dense fog all year round, making it hard to see further than a few meters in any direction. Only by clearing up this fog, with something such as a Dispel Fog Scroll, could players more easily explore this land.

Griffon Woodlands was a diverse ecosystem, home to many different kinds of monsters, including flying mounts like Griffons, Wind Serpents, and Dragonflies. From time to time, even dragons would appear.

Asskickers United had around 5,000 players active in Griffon Woodlands at any given time. They were divided into 10 teams and exploring the map for unhatched flying mount eggs every day. Of course, the work was dangerous. They had to be ready for an attack anywhere and anytime, from the monsters native to this place as well as forces from rival guilds.

Griffon Woodlands had many graveyards, allowing players...

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