Chapter 638 - Techniques of a Shadow Dancer

Chapter 638 - Techniques of a Shadow Dancer

Splendid Temple’s forces hadn’t even caught up yet, when Nie Yan’s silhouette blurred into action.

Emerging behind the Dark Puppet Lord, he leaped into the air and executed a rising whirlwind kick.

Nie Yan was so fast he left behind a trail of after-images. His kick was as swift as lightning, impossible to react to, and brimmed with incomparable destructive power.

BANG! Nie Yan’s foot struck the Dark Puppet Lord.


The Dark Puppet Lord staggered several steps forward. Letting out a furious roar, it swung around. It then smashed down with its enormous fist on Nie Yan.

Just as Nie Yan was about to be flattened into a meat patty, his figured blurred as he vanished into thin air. The Dark Puppet Lord missed Nie Yan and struck the ground below, leaving behind a large crater. It appeared bewildered at the sudden disappearance of its target.

At this moment, the invisible Nie Yan circled behind the Dark Puppet Lord’s and struck forth with Backbreaker.

KRRAK! Zennarde’s Sword pierced into its...

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