Chapter 635 - Shadow Dancer Medal

Chapter 635 - Shadow Dancer Medal

Nie Yan headed over to the Thief Association, his face hidden behind a cloak. He walked the streets of Calore, letting his gaze wander over his surroundings. Seeing players bustling about, discussing the latest gossip, haggling over prices at a stall—the usual sort of liveliness you would find in a large city—he felt a strong sense of familiarity and belonging. He was back home!

Even though Nie Yan had hidden his appearance behind a cloak, Kalenna hovering above his shoulder attracted the attention of many players. He felt a bit helpless. With her constantly by his side, it looked like staying low-key would no longer be possible.

Nie Yan discarded these unnecessary thoughts. Right now, he was the only Master Class player in the entirety of Conviction. In a few more weeks, a large number would emerge from Asskickers United, and from then on, they would stand at the very peak.

Nie Yan clenched his fists, his eyes burning with ambition. After Sun, King of the World, Xie Yao, and the others class advanced, he planned to set out on a...

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