Chapter 633 - Shattered Divinity

Chapter 633 - Shattered Divinity

“Did Mistaken Smile manage to defeat his mirror image back then? Just how did he do it?” Nie Yan couldn’t help but wonder.

Time ticked away. Soon, the effects of Shadow Waltz would wear off.

Glancing at his pet space, there wasn’t even close to enough time to summon the Darkwing Dragon!

“What can I do to win...?” Nie Yan suddenly thought of his Silk Spinner Ring, Leaper Ring, and other Special Items. Mirror images were generally incapable of using such items since their thought processes couldn’t reach the level of a human.

A strange idea took shape in Nie Yan’s head. He gritted his teeth. “Might as well give it a try. I’ve already advanced to a Luminous Dancer anyway. Even if I die here, it’s not like the system will ask me to give the title back…”

Nie Yan borrowed the impenetrable stealth of Shadow Waltz to approach his mirror image. He inched ever closer.

Only five meters separated the two.

The mirror image suddenly became vigilant, as though it could tell Nie Yan’s advance, and started looking around.

Nie Yan hurriedly held his breath. When remaining perfectly still, his Cloaking would increase by 300% to 1,200. He wouldn’t be detected under normal circumstances.

After failing to find anything, the mirror image returned to an idle roaming state.

At this moment, Nie Yan shot forward like a loosed arrow and stabbed Zennarde’s Sword toward the mirror image’s back.

Just as the mirror image was about to be pierced through, it suddenly turned around and brandished its own Zennarde’s Sword. KLANG! It blocked Nie Yan’s attack.

This was only the opening move. Nie Yan followed up with an elbow strike aimed at the mirror image’s chest.

The mirror image leaned to the side, evading the attack, then twisted its body and retaliated with a Reverse Grip Backstab.

The two exchanged several moves in a flash. Nie Yan could still keep up with the mirror image’s attacks in the short term.

The mirror image suddenly slashed down on Nie Yan’s forehead.

Swift Retreat!

Nie Yan’s movement speed sharply increased as he retreated back several steps. The attack missed. Not giving it any time to react, he shot out a web line at the mirror image’s hand.

With its hand caught, the mirror image attempted to cut off the web line with its dagger. Nie Yan flicked his wrist, jerking its hand out of the way. He then vaulted over the mirror image’s head with the Leaper Ring, pulling its arm behind its back.

The mirror image attempted to turn around, But it was a step too late. Nie Yan had already started circling around it, wrapping it up in the web line and turning it into a human cocoon. Though it managed to cut away a few strands, it was bound tighter and tighter until it could no longer move at all.

Seeing the mirror image immobilized, Nie Yan closed in on it from behind and struck forth with a Backbreaker.

The mirror image was crippled.

Elbow Strike!

Roundhouse Kick! 

Reverse Grip Backstab!

Nie Yan skilfully linked his techniques together, dealing incredible burst damage and instantly shaving away all the mirror image’s health.

The mirror image collapsed on the ground and slowly disappeared, leaving behind a thumb-sized crystal which sparkled with an emerald light. It was covered in fractures.

Nie Yan picked up the crystal and examined it.

Shattered Divinity (Godly Legendary)
Quantity: 1/5

Nie Yan carefully inspected the Shattered Divinity. He could tell it contained a formidable power inside, but aside from that, nothing else.

“Divinity…?” Nie Yan knitted his brows. He had once read a description about divinities in an ancient history book. It was an item that contained a god’s strength. The more powerful it was, the more powerful the god, similar to the Life Cores of monsters like the Darkwing Dragon. However, divinities were definitely at a far higher level.

“Hmm… Shattered Divinity, huh, I wonder what it’s useful for.” Nie Yan was brimming with doubt. It was probably an item to trigger a quest. Since it was a Godly Legendary, it definitely wasn’t garbage. He stowed it away in a corner of his bag. Hopefully he would find a use for it later on.

Apart from the Shattered Divinity, a new skill appeared in Nie Yan’s skill window.

Shadow Clone: Summon a shadow clone with 130% of the player’s stats. Duration: 2 hours. Cooldown 5 days.

This shadow clone was the mirror image he had just killed!

It had all of Nie Yan’s skills and 30% higher stats. The only downside was it required his control. It wasn’t nearly as free as the main body.

The shadow clone had amazing battle prowess which couldn’t be looked down on. The two hour summon duration was more than enough time for Nie Yan to accomplish a great many things. With a powerful trump card like this, he could turn the tide of battle at a crucial moment. As long as he knew a skill, the mirror image would know it too! It had only 10 slots of inventory space. Though this wasn’t much, he didn't mind. After all, he had no plans of making it a delivery mule.

After checking his many spoils, Nie Yan walked deeper into the World Heart. The walls of the castle were covered in carvings, telling the tale of the War of the Gods. The gods possessed many of the same faults of mortals. War was inevitable. For the sake of territory and believers, constant quarrels broke out; until one day, the the flames of war swept through the entire continent. There was only one possible outcome, complete and utter destruction. Only a few gods survived in the end, such as Dragon King Zennarde and War God Kelo, who continued to rule over the world until their own eventual demises. Though the reaper had welcomed many into his kingdom, the fighting never truly ended. To this day, the followers of these gods still slaughtered one another in the name of their respective causes.

As Nie Yan looked around at the ancient stories told in these murals, he learned that the divinities of these fallen gods had shattered into fragments and were scattered all over the world.

Nie Yan really wanted to know what these divinities were used for. However, he couldn’t glean any information from the murals. Did he have to restore a divinity himself to trigger the quest?

For now, Nie Yan could only make haphazard guesses to the use of a divinity. Perhaps he could do some research after leaving this map.

After double checking that he hadn’t missed anything, Nie Yan traced his steps back to the entrance. Leaving the enormous castle, he leaped off the World Heart. After freefalling for about five minutes, he activated the Featherfall Jewel and slowed his descent.

Nie Yan felt like a new man after successfully advancing to a Luminous Dancer, as if power was overflowing through every inch of his body. “I bet I can easily take on Rank 4 monsters now. Hmm, let’s go find one. I won’t know for sure, unless i actually try for myself.”

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So Nie Yan fell for approximately five minutes. The world record freefall is at a height of 42 kilometers, taking 4 minutes and 27 seconds to reach the ground. This castle is floating incredibly high up in the air!