Chapter 632 - The Darkwing Dragon Ranks Up!

Chapter 632 - The Darkwing Dragon Ranks Up!

Becoming a Luminous Dancer was only the first step. There was much more work to be done.

Nie Yan also learned Mode: Release. This skill could raise his combat prowess by no insignificant amount.

Shaking out his limbs and lightly jogging around, Nie Yan felt like his body was much lighter than before. Throwing out a jab, a whip-like crack split the air as his fist shot forward at lightning speed. The difference between a Great Thief and Shadow Dancer was incomparable!

This was a brand new realm. Shadow Dancers, and so too the Luminous Dancer, could execute ordinary skills with astonishing killing power and freely alter their skills at will. Just like martial arts masters, after reaching...

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