Chapter 616 - Sulgata’s Shadow Walkers (Legendary)

Chapter 616 - Sulgata’s Shadow Walkers (Legendary)

Nie Yan examined the brand new pair of boots.

Sulgata’s Shadow Walkers (Legendary): Soul Item

Requirements: 1,900 Dexterity, 600 Strength

Description: Destroyed and lost during the War of Sulgata. All three fragments—Sulgata’s Boots, Sulgata’s Runic Cloth, and Sulgata’s Feather—have been brought back together to form a complete whole. The legendary pair of boots emerge in history once more! Represents the pinnacle of shadow. Brimming with enigmatic power.

Properties: Defense 1,028–1,201, Evasion +10%, Dexterity +200, Movement Speed +120, Jump +110, Stealth +120, Cloaking +120, and Reflex +120.

Steal (Rank 16): Attempt to pocket gold or an item from a target.

Shadow Waltz (Rank 16): Stealth +120, Cloaking +120, Movement Speed +150, 8 seconds of invincibility; cannot be detected through stealth for 20 seconds.

Restrictions: Nirvana Flame

Note: This item cannot be dropped, destroyed, or traded.

Sulgata’s Shadow Walkers finally offered some protection, providing more than 1,000 defense, which was practically unheard of among shoe-type items. It was far better than Ygris’ Guardian Gages and the Orpheus Vambraces. The upgrade to Steal and Shadow Waltz especially blew Nie Yan away. This was his first time seeing two Rank 16 skills. 

Sulgata’s Shadow Walkers was a Soul Item, which meant it would grow alongside Nie Yan as he levelled up. 

His own development would dictate the future growth of Sulgata’s Shadow Walkers.

If Sulgata’s Shadow Walkers were tradeable, it would surely sell for an astronomical sum in the marketplace. Its properties would drive countless players mad with envy.

Nie Yan estimated Sulgata’s Shadow Walkers was at least equivalent to a Level 150 Legendary item.

He already fulfilled the 1,900 Dexterity and 600 Strength requirements.

His Dexterity was at a frightening 2,300 while his Strength surpassed 1,000.

Nie Yan put on Sulgata’s Shadow Walkers, then took them for a spin. The boots fit snugly around his feet and provided amazing support. He didn’t feel the slightest bit of weight, almost as if he were wearing nothing.

“Hah! Now this is a Legendary item!” Nie Yan sighed in admiration. He could travel great distances, even by just casually walking around.

Nie Yan checked his defense. It had already breached 10,000. Even among Warriors, those who had a higher defense than him were few and far between. It was just that Thieves wore leather armour, which offered far less protection than a Warrior’s plate armour. His defense was still nevertheless astonishing. Combined with his Rank 7 defense, attacks from ordinary players couldn’t break his armour.

“Three pieces of Legendary-grade equipment. I don’t think there’s anyone out there better geared than me!” Nie Yan’s eyes shone with excitement.

After getting comfortable with Sulgata’s Shadow Walkers, Nie Yan had Guo Huai send over some gems. He socketed his new equipment. Like this, his stats received another boost.

These days, Asskickers United was expanding at a frightening rate. After gaining a strong foothold in Moonlight City, which was now their second base, they established branches in five more cities. To support this growth, they started recruiting again and expanded their ranks to 150,000 players.

The Starry Night Potion Shop rapidly expanded alongside Asskickers United, opening up branches in every city across the Viridian Empire. Their revenue sharply increased, bringing in more than 300,000 gold a day.

The number of strongholds under the control of World Bloc had also quickly increased, from just a few in the beginning to more than 30 now. Thanks to the real world business districts of these strongholds, World Bloc’s revenue from the virtual reality industry increased several times over. They earned an exorbitant amount of money, which Father Nie would invest in various projects. They had already increased their market share by more than 3,000%! Their influence was also rapidly expanding. Many domestic financial groups started paying attention to them. Some tried to strike up a cooperative relationship. Others viewed them as powerful competitors. The rise of World Bloc was inevitable.

Nie Yan’s goal was to make World Bloc even more powerful than the Century Financial Group.

During the war against Alliance of Mages, the Century Financial Group had made use of their enormous wealth to poach quite a few Asskickers United members. World Bloc’s financial resources simply couldn’t compare to theirs. One day, Nie Yan planned to give them a taste of their own medicine. He would use World Bloc’s capital to compete with the Century Financial Group and see who could hold out until the end!

Asskickers United’s momentum was unstoppable. There was no power in the Viridian Empire capable of posing a threat to them for the time being. God Executioner Sword, Penumbra Empire, and those other guilds were too weak to stir up any waves. Even if Nie Yan wasn’t there, Guo Huai and the others could easily deal with them. No trouble would arise as long as Guo Huai paid close attention to the Monet Financial Group’s movements.

Asskickers United, the War God Tribe, Holy Empire, and the other guilds in the alliance were all on the right track. Even if Nie Yan disappeared for some time, none of their operations would be affected in the slightest. He could leave with his heart at ease.

“If I can become a Luminous Dancer, nothing can stop me in the future!” Nie Yan’s eyes gleamed with determination as he headed for the Temple of Light.

The same as last time, after walking through the hall, Nie Yan found Father Anisen. He looked no different from before. His kind expression gave people an amiable impression.

“You’re back. Are you ready now?” Anisen asked with a faint smile, almost as if he had met an old friend.

“Father Anisen, I’m all set to go. I want to enter the Ancient World. I will pursue the tracks left behind by God and receive His divine inheritance!”

“Pious believer, may the light be with you. Follow me.” Anisen nodded with a gratified smile. He then turned around and headed deeper into the temple. 

Anisen led Nie Yan to the magic formation from last time.

“The Ancient World contains the inheritance left behind by God. If you successfully advance to a Luminous Dancer, you’ll obtain incredible power. Of course, that place is also filled with dangers. If you fail, you will forever lose the qualifications to become a Luminous Dancer. I’ll ask once more. Are you fully prepared?” Anisen asked with a solemn look on his face.

“I am!” Nie Yan nodded.

Anisen chanted an incantation and waved his staff. A giant beam of light shone down on the magic formation, causing a white portal to emerge.

“Go forth. The portal will lead you to the Ancient World.”

Nie Yan took a deep breath, then stepped into the portal. The light consumed his body as it left this world. After which the portal gradually faded before disappearing without a trace.

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