Chapter 610 - Blowing Off Steam

Chapter 610 - Blowing Off Steam

Undying Scoundrel waved his staff, firing out a flurry of spells.

Many things could change in the period of a few weeks. Undying Scoundrel benefited greatly from tagging along with Bladelight, Smoke Stub, and the others. He was much more composed in PvP. His tempo was nice and stable. Furthermore, the quality of his gear was much higher than before.

The two had both improved since their last match. However, it was clear Undying Scoundrel’s progress far surpassed Shadow’s.

Gale Step!

Shadow nimbly evaded the flurry of fireballs and closed in on Undying Scoundrel.

His dagger flickered with a cold light.

Undying Scoundrel pulled back. Keen Sense! With his increased Awareness, he quickly pinpointed Shadow’s position and waved his staff.

Ice Spike!

RUMBLE! RUMBLE! RUMBLE! Countless ice spikes erupted from the ground beneath Shadow’s feet. They were about to turn his body into swiss cheese.

Shadow leaped out of the way, and not a moment too soon. But before his feet could even touch the ground, more ice spikes erupted out from the ground where he was about to land.

What frightening cast speed!

With no way of dodging, Shadow quickly crushed an Ice Resistance Scroll. He had already used all his skills dodging the previous attacks. He found himself in an awkward predicament.

PFFT! PFFT! PFFT! Blood flew everywhere as Shadow was skewered, his body covered in a thick layer of frost. His movement speed was greatly reduced. 

Fuck! What high frost damage! Even the Ice Resistance Scroll did nothing to help! Shadow inwardly cursed.

Before Shadow had a chance to react, fireballs started pouring down from the sky. There was nowhere to hide within a 10-meter radius. The inferno shaved away the rest of his health as he collapsed on the ground.

“Damn, isn’t that just overkill!? Did he really need to use AoE magic?”

In the final moments of the match, Undying Scoundrel could’ve just finished Shadow off with a Flame Burst. However, he showed no mercy and cast an AoE spell instead. The flames gradually subsided, revealing Shadow’s charred corpse.

Before long, Natural Fiend and Lustboy also finished their matches. Both achieved an overwhelming victory.

“Individually, you’re all nothing but trash! You keep boasting about how you almost assassinated our boss. Well, take a good look in the mirror! He didn’t even summon his Golden Dragon or use any of his Advanced Skills, and you still couldn’t do anything to him!” Natural Fiend taunted.

The person Natural Fiend respected the most was Nie Yan. The main five from Bloodfiends didn’t even succeed in their assassination, but they still arrogantly borrowed his name to raise their reputation. He naturally wouldn’t hold back his words.

“Who do you think you are? Don’t think you’re all that just because you won one match!”

Natural Fiend’s word infuriated Dark, Ardent, Shadow, Night, and Seal. They each took turns going up on the stage. However, they were all soundly defeated by Undying Scoundrel, Natural Fiend, and Lustboy. The three stood victorious, allowing the onlookers to witness what true skill was!

The players from Azure Windchime were in high spirits. They let out thunderous cheers!

“Undying Scoundrel is unbeatable!”

“Natural Fiend is invincible!”

“Lustboy is unrivalled!”


The clamor shook the entire arena. It was completely overwhelming. The players from Bloodfiends hung their heads dispiritedly, like a defeated fighting cock. Dark, Ardent, and the others trembled with anger. However, it was the truth that they weren’t as skilled as Undying Scoundrel, Natural Fiend, or Lustboy. This sort of gap couldn’t be made up for.

The players from Asskickers United felt like they had regained their honour.

Nie Yan observed Undying Scoundrel, Natural Fiend, and Lustboy with a faint smile on his face.

“These guys, they improved much more than I expected,” Nie Yan said. He was astonished at their progress.

“That’s because they’re all talented people. With even the slightest bit of help, they’ll grow by leaps and bounds.” Xie Yao smiled.

“Yeah.” Nie Yan nodded. He wholeheartedly agreed with Xie Yao’s assessment. Asskickers United was unique. With so many experts gathered together, they could easily learn from each other. They improved much faster than those hermits who refused to interact with others.

The eyes of the students from the Top Military Academy bulged out in shock. They initially believed Undying Scoundrel, Natural Fiend, and Lustboy were only roughly on par with the main five from Bloodfiends at most. They never expected the difference in skill to be so great. After five matches in a row, Dark, Ardent, and the other three failed to score even a single victory.

“I guess Bloodfiends isn’t that great after all,” a player said.

“Yeah, they really are full of themselves. They keep bragging about how they’re elites. They’ve been finally put in their place. Think about it, Sun, King of the World, One Strike Vow, Hapless Frog, Tyrannical… almost all the top Thieves are in Asskickers United. They’re the real experts. Bloodfiends is nothing but trash.”

After being thoroughly trounced by Azure Windchime, the veil of mystery surrounding Bloodfiends was slowly dispersed. Everyone finally realized they were nothing more than a group of second-rate players. 

Undying Scoundrel, Lustboy, and Natural Fiend understood the players from Bloodfiends were fairly talented. But they lacked guidance. Dark, Ardent, and the others hadn’t yet comprehended the true mysteries of PvP. If they continued fumbling forward on their own, it would take them at least a couple of years, maybe even longer to catch up.

Dark, Ardent, and the others clenched their fists, their fingernails digging deep into their flesh. Their eyes were bloodshot as a profound sense of powerlessness welled up in their hearts. In one-on-one duels, they were simply no match for Undying Scoundrel and the others.

“Azure Windchime, do you dare to fight us in a team battle?” Dark gritted his teeth, glaring daggers at Undying Scoundrel’s group.

“Hmph! Why wouldn’t we dare? Bring it on! We’ll play with you until the end!” Undying Scoundrel shouted. He had absolute confidence in the skills of his group. He didn’t fear Bloodfiends’ challenge in the slightest!

At this moment, Fang Rujie and Qin Han were observing from closeby. They never expected Bloodfiends to lose so miserably to Azure Windchime. They had a deep understanding of the strength of Dark, Ardent, and the others. According to rumours, among the numerous elites of Asskickers United, Undying Scoundrel, Natural Fiend, and Lustboy only ranked somewhere in the middle. If that were the case, just how strong were those at the very top!?

“Just how did he bring so many strong players together?” Qin Han scowled. He was deeply envious of Nie Yan.

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