Chapter 607 - War God Lei Su!

Chapter 607 - War God Lei Su!

Below the stands, Azure Windchime, Bloodfiends, and the like were recruiting new members. Apart from these larger, well-known clubs, the several dozen smaller ones were recruiting as well.

Azure Windchime only had a single requirement for joining, and that was to be a fellow guild member. No outsiders were allowed. If you wanted to join, you’d have to get accepted into Asskickers United first.

The recruitment requirements for Bloodfiends were a bit more unique. They only accepted Thieves. As long as you could defeat any one of their 20+ members, you could join. Dark, Ardent, Night, Shadow, and Seal had almost succeeded in killing Nie Yan in their last ambush attempt. So, for those who couldn’t join Azure Windchime, Bloodfiends wasn’t...

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