Chapter 606 - Ostracized

Chapter 606 - Ostracized

Nie Yan wondered what rival clubs would do when they bumped into each other inside Conviction. Would they PK…?

Painted Muslin, Undying Scoundrel, and several others were all enrolled in the Top Military Academy. So, he wasn’t alone. Knowing that he had these close guildmates to rely on, he faintly smiled.

Hmmm… A clash between the elites of the Top Military Academy is definitely worth watching. Maybe people from Heavenly Kings are also here? Nie Yan scanned the crowd.

“Should we go meet up with Muslin, Scoundrel, and them? I’m sure they’ll be surprised to hear we’re also students of the Top Military Academy.” Xie Yao turned to Nie Yan, fluttering her eyelashes.

Nie Yan shook his head. “Maybe another time. We’ll have plenty of chances in the future.” Now wasn’t the right moment to reveal themselves, at least not in a place where there were so many eyes. If the students of the Top Military Academy learned Nirvana Flame had entered their school, who knew what kind of uproar this would cause.

“Alright.” Xie Yao nodded. Blinking her eyes, she gazed at Nie Yan. He always behaved in this way, liking to stay as low-key as possible.

The two chatted. Nie Yan told some funny anecdotes about various things that happened to some players in Conviction, causing Xie Yao to smile and giggle out loud. At this moment, the voices of some students at the front happened to enter their ears. 

“Class Prez, the highest level people in our class have all been invited. Let’s form a team and run some dungeons,” a girl said. 

Nie Yan looked over. The “class prez” she referred to was a female Mage in azure robes. She had a decent looking figure and face, just that she was a bit too gaudy. It was clear she put particular care into her appearance.

Nie Yan didn’t expect to see her here. This woman was none other than Zhao Shiyu, the same class president who tried to screw him over last time.

Zhao Shiyu had five others beside her, two girls and three guys. Two were Warriors, one an Arcane Mage, one a Paladin, and one a Priest. This was a pretty standard party composition. Nie Yan inspected the group with Transcendent Insight. They ranged between Level 75–77. Zhao Shiyu herself was Level 77. She was quite high level among ordinary players. However, players like her were a dime a dozen in Asskickers United. She couldn’t compare to Undying Scoundrel and Muslin, let alone Nie Yan and Xie Yao.

“It’s going to be hard to gather 20 players. Should we invite a few people from the mech combat faculty? I know some experts there,” one of the guys suggested.

“No, it’s fine. Let’s stick with people from our class.” Zhao Shiyu immediately shot down the idea. If people from the mech combat faculty were called over, she would likely lose her position as team captain. They wouldn't necessarily listen to her orders.

A Level 77 Paladin clad in silver-white armour spoke up this time. “What about Xia Tianyu? He’s also Level 77.”

“He’s close with Nie Yan. He probably won’t come even if we ask.” Zhao Shiyu frowned.

“Man, Zheng Xu really messed with the wrong person. Who would’ve thought Nie Yan would be that good at fighting? I wonder how strong he is inside the game. With his skills, I bet he’s really high level!” the Paladin said.

Hearing the Paladin praise Nie Yan, Zhao Shiyu’s expression darkened.

“Maybe, probably not. Many strong fighters are pretty trash inside the game. He even said himself he’s low level. He didn’t even dare to come to our get-together last time. I’m sure it’s because he didn’t want to embarass himself,” a Level 77 Warrior quickly interjected. He didn’t seem to think much of Nie Yan, his gaze locked on Zhao Shiyu flatteringly.

Zhao Shiyu appeared to be in a better mood after that.

“I definitely won’t allow filth like Nie Yan to enter my team. Bai Jun, did you ask Xia Tianyu? Is he coming or not?” Zhao Shiyu asked.

Nie Yan focused his gaze on the Paladin called Bai Jun. He suddenly recalled there was such a student in their class. He was a member of the sports committee. His physical stats were pretty good. He ranked second in the class. 

These people always followed Zhao Shiyu around. Nie Yan couldn’t be bothered to acknowledge them.

“Xia Tianyu declined. Said he already formed a team with Fei Zhe, Xu Yan, and them,” Bai Jun replied.

“Fei Zhe and Xu Yan are low-level garbage. Xia Tianyu is just going to end up dragging himself down by teaming up with them. If he’s not coming, so be it. Or does he expect us to come begging and groveling at his feet?” the Warrior snickered.

“Fu Guangtao, do you have anyone to invite?” Zhao Shiyu turned to the Warrior, putting on a pitiful puppy act.

Fu Guangtao felt his body go limp listening to Zhao Shiyu’s soft and velvety voice. He immediately pounded his chest. “Leave it to me!”

“Alright, you find 20 people. We’ll run dungeons later tonight,” Zhao Shiyu said. She was grinning from ear to ear. She still considered herself the team captain.

Several people were discontent with Zhao Shiyu’s bossy attitude. However, other students were here, so they didn’t say anything.

“We only need a few more. If we invite Nie Yan, Xia Tianyu, and them, I think we’ll have enough people,” a male student said. He rather admired Nie Yan. So, he spoke out.

“No. Those guys are too full of themselves, especially Nie Yan, acting like he’s too good for us or something. Who does he think he is? We invited him to the class get-together a few days ago, and he didn’t even bother coming,” Fu Guangtao countered, not hesitating to throw out baseless accusations. He wanted to turn his classmates against Nie Yan.

After Fu Guangtao’s words, everyone had the impression that Nie Yan was a really cocky and arrogant individual. The student who spoke out just now wanted to refute. However, he wasn’t in a position to say anything. It was true that Nie Yan hadn't come. This was an undeniable fact.

“I think it’s because he’s too afraid of humiliating himself with his low level,” another student chimed in.

Hearing those students badmouthing Nie Yan, Xie Yao was filled with righteous indignation.

“How can they talk about you like that!?” Xie Yao stood up, having a bone to pick with these people.

Nie Yan grabbed ahold of Xie Yao’s sleeve. He shook his head with a gentle smile. “Just a bunch of self-arrogant nobodies. Ignore them. It would be a waste of your breath bickering with them. Distance tests a horse’s stamina. Time reveals a person’s true nature.” 

He understood it would be pointless explaining himself. In the future, these students would naturally see the truth.

Nie Yan sat back down with Xie Yao. He wouldn’t bother with these people. He looked toward Xia Tianyu, Xu Yan, and Fei Zhe who were sitting in a corner. The seats around them were completely empty. It appeared they were being ostracized by the rest of the class.

A feeling out guilt surfaced in his heart. If it weren’t for him, those three wouldn’t be receiving this kind of treatment.

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