Chapter 603 - Complete Reversal

Chapter 603 - Complete Reversal

“Fucking hell! That NPC is way too strong! Everyone, use your Unknown Transfer Scrolls. Retreat!”

The Thieves from Bloodfiends split up in different directions. Lafus immediately went into pursuit. 

Dark pulled out an Unknown Transfer Scroll, only to be instantly silenced by Lafus. His face paled. “Dammit, what kind of combat AI is this? This NPC is more frightening than a top rank player!”

Holy Judgement!

Lafus raised his sword high. A beam of holy light descended from the sky and struck Dark. BOOM! He was sent flying.

Unable to use any scrolls or skills, Dark was completely helpless. Without the slightest chance of escape, tragedy was his only fate.

After killing Dark, Lafus looked around. Ardent and the others had already ran far away. With no idea where they went, he could only give up his pursuit.

Nie Yan picked up the equipment Dark dropped, a Level 100 Dark Gold-grade leather chestpiece and Level 100 Dark Gold-grade leg guards. Both pieces were socketed with gems that reduced level requirement....

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