Chapter 599 - An Eye for an Eye, A Tooth for a Tooth

Chapter 599 - An Eye for an Eye, A Tooth for a Tooth

Phantom Princess Ina waved her staff and called down a blazing meteor. BOOM! A fiery explosion swept out and instantly engulfed everybody in the vicinity.

A thousand players were instantly killed. However, even more surged forward to fill their spots.

They planned to slowly whittle away at Phantom Princess Ina’s health. Even a more powerful boss would eventually fall to this many people. Time ticked away.

No one could have ever imagined Phantom Princess Ina would be this powerful. The casualties quickly accumulated.

Half an hour later, Phantom Princess Ina still had a third of her health remaining. It was falling slowly. Only then did players understand the might of a Level 100 Variant Lord. She was completely different from other bosses, who would die within five or six minutes after being swarmed by several thousand players.

Splendid Temple suffered heavy losses. Their casualties already exceeded 200.

“Tanks, interrupt her casts! Mages, lower your damage output! You’re...

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