Chapter 588 - Beautiful Class President

Chapter 588 - Beautiful Class President

After attending several classes, Nie Yan discovered the content was fairly easy. Many of the theories he couldn’t understand in the previous timeline were now easily solvable. Perhaps it was due to the change in his mentality or the fact that he was more mature, but his comprehension ability seemed to have improved significantly.

Xu Yan pointed at a student sitting in the middle of the second row. “You see that guy? He’s Dan Yan. He only started coming to class a few days ago. He’s probably your strongest rival. He’s rank two in the class.”

Nie Yan’s eyes followed the direction Xu Yan pointed. Dan Yan looked like quite the pretty boy, especially with his fair skin and trendy hairstyle. He dressed casually in slacks and a t-shirt. He kind of resembled those celebrities on the television. However, one could tell his muscles weren’t simply for aesthetics but rather brimmed with explosive power.

Nie Yan chuckled. He wasn’t the slightest bit worried about Dan Yan. His real enemies were people like Cao Xu, Soaring Angel, and Qin Han, not these random students in the Top Military Academy. Xu Yan probably...

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