Chapter 583 - Soloing a Level 110 Lord

Chapter 583 - Soloing a Level 110 Lord

A Rank 8 Smothering strike was already enough to amaze Bladelight and the others. If Nie Yan showed them the rest of his skills, he could only imagine their reactions. Would they faint from shock?

“Right, I saw other skills besides your Smothering Strike,” Bladelight recalled.

“I have Rank 11 Backbreaker, Rank 9 Concussive Blow…” Nie Yan listed off his skills one by one.

Everyone started with wide eyes. Nie Yan’s skills were simply unbelievable!

If it were only one skill, though shocking, it would still be within the realms of common sense. But he had a total of 19 Rank 8+ skills, with the highest being Rank 15. No words could describe how mindblowing this was. With so many powerful skills, Nie Yan could easily take on an equal level Lord. As long as it wasn’t a broken existence such as the Miasma Scorpion King, even challenging a Lord over Level 100 was possible.

Rank 11 Backbreaker, Rank 10 Reverse Grip...

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