Chapter 580 - Poison Valley

Chapter 580 - Poison Valley

“When Bladelight and the others left, they took some Antidotes with them,” Guo Huai recalled.

“How many Master Antidotes did they bring with them?” Nie Yan asked. Ordinary Antidotes wouldn’t work. Only Master Antidotes were effective.

“Two, I think.”

Ever since receiving the Wish Necklace, Quiet Nannan had been concocting Master-rank potions, many of which were Master Antidotes. Although there were still many in storage when Bladelight left, he couldn’t bear to bring more than two. These items were far too precious. No one would use them lightly. Besides, in what kind of scenario would they need more?

“Two Master Antidotes is far from enough.” Nie Yan shook his head. He had witnessed the might of the Miasma Scorpion King first hand in his past life. Back then, he was following a 1,000-player expedition team. They wiped, with only a lucky few escaping with their lives.

The expedition team comprised 100 players over Level 100 and 900 players at...

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