Chapter 578 - Hell Execution!

Chapter 578 - Hell Execution!

Thinking for a bit, Nie Yan decided against summoning Lil’ Gold. His huge frame would make him a prime target.

With the quality of his current skills, Nie Yan could easily CC the Barbarian Berserker to death. There was no need for help.

Nie Yan inched closer toward the Barbarian Berserker from behind.

The Barbarian Berserker was completely oblivious. The distance between the two was only about seven meters.

Nie Yan’s heartstrings were stretched taut. His lips curved into a weird grin. A few steps later, the Barbarian Berserker noticed something and turned around.

At this moment, Nie Yan targeted the Barbarian Berserker with Rank 9 Extreme Intimidate!

The Barbarian Berserker stiffened. It couldn’t move its body at all.

Flicker Strike!

Nie Yan disappeared from his original position and emerged behind the Barbarian Berserker, plunging Zennarde’s Sword into its back. After reaching Rank 10, Flicker Strike dealt more than 500% damage.


The Barbarian Berserker’s body trembled. Extreme Intimidate’s effects wore off. Just as it was about to turn around, Nie Yan circled to the side. Pushing off from his waist and focusing all power into his arm, he struck out with Backbreaker.


The Barbarian Berserker was incapacitated for six seconds!

This effect was quite impressive given the Barbarian Berserker was a Level 120 Elite.

Nie Yan faintly smiled. With all his skills ranked up, taking down this elite was a simple matter. After landing the first stun, he could CC the Barbarian Berserker to death.

However, Nie Yan was in no rush to kill the Barbarian Berserker. He activated Steal.

Steal successful! You have obtained 5 gold, 23 silver.

This was his first time stealing from a Level 120 Elite. The Barbarian Berserker was quite the moneybags. The amount of gold he obtained was several times that of ordinary monsters.

Nie Yan continued spamming Steal, stealing money three times in a row. So far, he had obtained 17 gold.

On the fourth attempt, Nie Yan finally obtained something different. It was a Sub Legendary-grade skill book.

Skill Book (Sub Legendary): Rage of the Berserker

Properties: Health +10%, Strength +200%, Magic Reduction +30%, Defense -30%. Duration: 60 seconds. Cooldown: 20 minutes.

Restrictions: Berserker

Rage of the Berserker was quite amazing. Most Warriors would go crazy over a 200% boost to Strength. If this skill book were put up for auction, it would sell for at least 50,000 gold, maybe even up to 90,000 gold if you were lucky.

“Giving this skill book to Smoke Stub isn't a bad idea. He just happens to be a Berserker,” Nie Yan muttered.

As the effects of Backbreaker wore off, Nie Yan struck the Barbarian Berserker with Smothering Strike.

It was stunned for an additional two seconds.

The Barbarian Berserker was locked down all this time. CC chains were quite frightening.

Starting with the six second cripple from Rank 11 Backbreaker, two second stun from Rank 8 Smothering Strike, three second stun from Rank 9 Concussive Blow, the brief interrupt from Rank 15 Kick, the two second immobilize from Rank 9 Lockdown, until finally the five second cripple from Rank 10 Counter. By the time Nie Yan cycled through everything, Backbreaker was back off cooldown. Like this, he could repeat the whole process again. It would only take a few cycles to kill the Barbarian Berserker.

Nie Yan activated Steal several more times. The Barbarian Berserker already had no more gold left to steal. Only the Rage of the Berserker skill book wasn’t half-bad. He obtained all sorts of different skills, none of which caught his eye. However, they were decent for ordinary players.

Just as Nie Yan was about to finish off the Barbarian Berserker, he activated Steal one last time. A notification popped up. He had stolen another item.

Nie Yan glanced inside his bag and found a yellow papyrus scroll sitting in the corner. He examined it.

Dreamworld Scroll (Legendary): Consumable

Description: Entrap a target in an illusion for 20 seconds regardless of level difference. Moving while activating this scroll will cancel the spell. Cast Time: 3 seconds.

Restrictions: 30 Energy

Nie Yan’s heart trembled. This scroll wasn’t that useful in ordinary circumstances. However, it was particularly effective against high level bosses. Anything could happen in 20 seconds. It could even help prevent a team from wiping.

Nie Yan had obtained another nice item. He spammed Steal a few more times for good measure, but it kept failing. The Barbarian Berserker no longer had anything to steal.

Seeing that he’d gotten all he could, Nie Yan exploded forth with frightening damage.

Nie Yan debuffed the Barbarian Berserker with Apocalyptic Extinction. He then struck out with Reverse Grip Backstab and all sorts of high damage skills. Every attack dealt more than 10,000 damage, which racked up pretty quickly. After a minute since the fight began, the Barbarian Berserker’s health fell to 7%.

The Barbarian Berserker still wasn’t dead. It was much tankier than Nie Yan gave it credit for.

Just as the Barbarian Berserker was about to come to, Nie Yan struck out with Backbreaker. A loud klang rang out.

However, the Barbarian Berserker wasn’t incapacitated like Nie Yan thought. It sweeped its greataxe around.

Whirlwind Slash!

After being CC’d by a skill three times in a row, a boss would gain resistance. On the fourth time, the skill would be ineffective. 

Feeling the wind pressure of the axe coming towards him, Nie Yan quickly activated Gale Step and avoided the attack.

The Barbarian Berserker lost sight of Nie Yan. It let out a thunderous roar that spread out as a shock wave, sweeping over Nie Yan who was hidden in stealth five meters away.


Nie Yan’s figure was revealed. 

Sound attacks like these were impossible to defend against. It wasn’t a physical attack nor a magical one. After getting hit by it, Nie Yan felt an intense ringing in his ears. He could no longer go back into stealth.

“Shit!” Nie Yan cursed. He didn’t expect the Barbarian Berserker to have such an ability.


The Barbarian Berserker barrelled toward him like a truck.

Nie Yan activated Swift Retreat and quickly pulled back.

With the Barbarian Berserker’s frightening attack power, a single hit would be enough to kill him.

The grim reaper’s steps drew closer and closer. The Barbarian Berserker’s massive frame which resembled a small mountain pressed toward Nie Yan. As the greataxe cleaved toward him, he could hear wind howling from the blade.

What fast attack speed!

Despite falling into such a perilous situation, Nie Yan didn’t panic in the slightest. He glanced down at a certain skill in his skill bar—Hell Execution!

Nie Yan had never gotten around to use this skill before since not many opportunities came up. It was one of the supplementary skills from Zennarde’s Sword, allowing him to execute a target below 20% health.

Nie Yan focused on the Barbarian Berserker’s movements. He sidestepped with Illusory Steps as his figure appeared to flicker back and forth, dodging the attacks.

At the same time, Nie Yan resembled a cheetah as he pounced forward.

As he activated Hell Execution, Nie Yan felt as if his soul were being sucked into Zennarde’s Sword. This kind of peculiar feeling was extremely frightening. However, there was no going back.

Zennarde’s Sword turned scarlet, seemingly scorched red by the flames of hell. It emitted an ominous radiance.

Hell Execution!

Zennarde’s Sword slashed across the Barbarian Berserker’s chest. Nie Yan felt as if he were cutting through tofu. The Barbarian Berserker’s armour was easily broken as the flesh inside was carved apart. A fountain of blood gushed out.


The Barbarian Berserker staggered several steps back and collapsed to the ground.

Nie Yan was also shocked. What frightening damage! Glancing at Zennarde’s Sword, the blood covering the blade quickly evaporated into smoke. The scarlet glow also slowly faded away, returning to its original black colour. The flames flickered away like normal.

Fear still lingered in Nie Yan’s heart from using Hell Execution just now. This was probably a special effect from Zennarde’s Sword.

Nie Yan glanced at the corpse on the ground. Ordinary players could probably never imagine that a boss was executed by an attack that dealt more than 270,000 damage. 

Hell Execution was quite amazing. Nie Yan planned to use it more when he hunted bosses in the future.

Nie Yan rummaged through the corpse of the Barbarian Berserker. Apart from six gold, there was nothing else. He had already stolen everything but the clothes on its body. 

Nie Yan turned to the chest sitting quietly in the grass. Its seven coloured radiance revealed its rarity. Sub Legendary-grade or higher chests were basically as hard to find as a phoenix feather or qilin horn. In the previous timeline, Nie Yan rarely heard of someone opening a Sub Legendary chest. Only large guilds exploring high level maps would have a chance of finding them. As for Legendary chests, they were basically non-existent. 

Walking up to the chest, Nie Yan bent down and started opening it.

Thankfully, his Lockpicking skill was high enough rank.

Opening treasure chest… Progress: 2%... 35%...
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