Chapter 575 - Catapults vs. Flying Mounts

Chapter 575 - Catapults vs. Flying Mounts

Asskickers United’s 60,000 players completely overwhelmed Alliance of Mages, forcing them to retreat back into the Edgarton Stronghold. Behind the safety of the walls, they once again became practice targets for the trebuchets.

Before long, the walls shuddered and partially collapsed. Asskickers United’s players came flooding in. A chaotic battle unfolded within the breach.

Alliance of Mages and Divine Protectors were on the defensive at every front. Their main army was quickly shaved away. Under Asskickers United’s all out assault, they started to lose ground quickly. 

Crazy Magic and Divine Flame retreated with a group of players back into the heart of the Edgarton Stronghold. As they traded fire with Asskickers United, they felt stifled to the point of suffocation. It appeared the enemy was going to break their last line of defense at any moment. 

A deep sadness welled up inside Crazy Magic’s heart. It seemed like it was the...

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