Chapter 574 - Mages, Charge!

Chapter 574 - Mages, Charge!

Hundreds of thousands of players from Alliance of Mages rushed toward Asskickers United’s forces like a raging tide. The Warriors at the front clad in various suits of metal armour resembled a metal behemoth, sweeping over everything in their path.

Smoke Stub gauged the distance of the enemy players. Seeing them reach the 1,000-meter mark, he shouted, “Open fire!”

The players operating the Armoured Ice Catapults immediately got to work.「Tung! Tung! Tung!」As the levers were released, countless shells whizzed through the air toward the enemy’s front line. 

「Bang! Bang! Bang!」One shell after another fell to the ground, enveloping everything within a 100-meter radius of their impact point in a thick layer of frost.

With 37 Armoured Ice Catapults all firing at once, the 2,000 enemy Warriors charging over were culled by 90%. Only a lucky few managed to survive. This kind of frightening might sent shivers down one’s spine.

The remaining Warriors glanced at each other in dismay. No matter where they looked,...

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