Chapter 573 - Bombarding the Edgarton Stronghold

Chapter 573 - Bombarding the Edgarton Stronghold

Asskickers United sharpened their swords. The trebuchets sent Alliance of Mages’ forces into a panic. This was their first time seeing this kind of siege weapons, which towered over the Armoured Ice Catapults. Their destructive power probably wasn’t any weaker either.

The Armoured Ice Catapults had already caused them enough suffering. Now trebuchets were added into the mix. They felt extremely depressed.

In front of these giant trebuchets, the thick walls of the Edgarton Stronghold had become their graves.

Boss, everything is ready!

We’re just waiting for your go-ahead!

Those bastards from Alliance of Mages! From the moment we entered Moonlight City, they’ve been hiding in their stronghold. They think they’ll be fine if they just keep turtling? What a bunch of idiots!

I’m really glad we have Nirvana Flame as our boss. No matter what, he will never let us suffer unnecessary losses. Or turn us into practice dummies for the enemy’s catapults like those idiots hiding in their stronghold over there!

Seeing the preparations...

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