Chapter 571 - Seduction

Chapter 571 - Seduction

Steal was gaining skill proficiency rapidly. After reaching Rank 5, its success rate had increased twofold. He now succeeded every three in 10 attempts, and the items he stole were slightly better than before.

At the same time, the amount of skill proficiency required to rank up had increased by over fivefold. However, with a 50x skill proficiency multiplier, the training speed was still relatively quick. Three hours later, Steal reached Rank 6.

Nie Yan calculated in his head. With this kind of speed, Rank 10 Steal wasn’t too far away.

While raising the rank of Steal, Nie Yan also continued training his other skills. Since he required the target to be immobilized to use Steal, Concussive Blow, Smothering Strike, and his other control skills were all rapidly gaining skill proficiency. Both Concussive Blow and Smothering Strike advanced to Rank 5.

Every skill was gaining skill proficiency rapidly. Nie Yan envisioned that if he trained here for a few days at his current speed, he would see an explosive growth in strength.

When all...

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