Chapter 564 - Training Freedom Skills

Chapter 564 - Training Freedom Skills

After cycling through his skills, Backbreaker came off cooldown. Nie Yan found his rhythm and started steadily rotated through his skills.

The Barbarian Warrior repeatedly hacked at Nie Yan. Each swing of its axe carried significant weight and power behind it. However, none of the attacks landed. Nie Yan kept utilizing the illusory footwork of a Shadow Dancer to evade while simultaneously executing one skill after another. The Barbarian Warrior couldn’t keep up with his pace and was completely helpless against him. The difference in speed between the two was too great.

The Barbarian Warrior’s axe came cleaving down. Nie Yan dodged to the side and executed Phantom Assassination, stabbing the warrior in the throat with Zennarde’s Sword. 

The Barbarian Warrior let out a deep grunt and collapsed to the ground with a loud thud.

Killing the Barbarian Warrior took about two minutes. It was quite exhausting.

Phantom Assassination has advanced to Rank 3.

While fighting the Barbarian Warrior, his skill proficiency...

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