Chapter 561 - Magister!

Chapter 561 - Magister!

After the flash of light, a crisp system jingle rang out. Nie Yan checked his notifications.

You have successfully crafted a Wish Necklace.

“Phew, it didn’t fail...” Nie Yan breathed a sigh of relief. His nerves which were stretched taut finally relaxed.

Examining the stats of the Wish Necklace—Alchemy +1—Nie Yan was absolutely elated. This was one of the best rolls he could possibly hope for. The guild treasury had several Master rank potion recipes lying around. With this necklace, they could start putting them to use!

Wish Necklace: Special Item

Properties: Alchemy +1

Restrictions: Bound to user. Wearer cannot gain skill proficiency.

Nie Yan immediately rang up Bird.

Seeing that Nie Yan was calling him, Bird dropped everything he was doing.「Boss, do you need anything?

Which Advanced Alchemist in our guild has the highest success rate?」Nie Yan asked. This Wish Necklace would naturally go to the most suitable person.

The highest success rate, huh… I guess that would be Quiet...

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